1. Health Information In India:

    What I have seen and understood in my HIM career spanning 13 years, is that the healthcare industry is divided into two sections when it comes to health information management. There is a section that believes that health information management (they still prefer to call it medical recods management) only deals with assembling and filling of records. For them it is a back office job with not much importance. But, the new generation of healthcare team is begining to understand the importance of HIM and is even trying to contribute to its development. With governmental and other important healthcare bodies making appointment of Health Information Manager mandatory in each hospital, it becomes the duty of our fraternity to contribute and bring quality to this profession. Let us all pledge that we will do our bit to bring recognition and much needed visibility to our profession.

    Dola Saha

  2. Health Information Management: one of nine hot majors identified by U.S. News and World Report!

    As stated in a recent article from U.S.News & World Report, "the need is huge for professionals who can help acquire, manage, and use information to improve health and manage payments."

  3. The field of health information management, which is still in a developing stage in India, requires a lot of relevant data to help and understand the various clinical and health care trends and patterns .Validity and reliability of data managed by health information professionals are essential for all research studies.

    Reshmi Nair

  4. The Health Information Management (HIM) career is one of the most respected and wanted professions globally. There is a universal shortage and particularly in India -due to the size of the country and not having right HIM programs. E.g., The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), has more than fifty thousand registered members, despite, there is shortage of qualified professionals. The HIM program offered in MU is really, well designed and comprehensively composed, managed by a team of well dedicated faculty to suit not only Indian health field situations but also meet the international needs so qualified candidates have great opportunity to work any part of the world. I had the opportunity to be associated as visiting Professor/Speaker with MU and the College with HIM program, and found the program is being managed very efficiently. The HIM department is well established and equipped with excellent facilities; such as modern class rooms, demonstration, eLibrary, and HIM /IT lab for imparting theoretical and superbly managed hospital environment for practical field experience supported by external highly qualified speakers. I observed the morale of students was extremely high with full of enthusiasm to learn more to meet the challenges of contributing in the overall healthcare program at the earliest. The HIM graduates, if they take the profession as a passion and commit themselves, the sky is the limit for their growth.

    Dr. G. D. Mogli, Ph.D., MBA., FHRIM (UK), FAHIMA (USA)
    CEO & MD- Dr. Mogli Healthcare Management Consultancy,
    Hyderabad, AP, India
    Formerly served as WHO Consultant and Sr .Consultant / Adviser to the Ministries of Health,
    India, Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE. And
    Sr. Consultant eHealth Management

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